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Joe Oppedisano (Gioiosa Ionica 1954 ) moved with his family to New York at the tender age of 8 and has a child began taking photographs.

He has created a very personal formula of art, which he often breaks with in order to free himself from it.

In 1979, he was invited by the International Center of Photography of New York to participate in an important Photo Festival "Venezia 79".

Two Years later, Joe's nostalgia for Italy got the better of him and he moved to Milan, started working for major Advertising agency's and Editorial Groups creating campaigns for American Express, Fiat, Kodak, Polaroid, Panasonic, Adidas to mention a few.

Besides his commercial work, he has always experimented with images and genres, in fields such has portraits, landscape, collage, and also with his in-depth research of the photographic technical medium itself.

In this way he gives life to a very personal and original language, based upon the idea of prolonging the real time of vision: a technique that Oppedisano devised modifying his camera in a unique way, so that the different frames in a film roll become fused to one another and starts to create the series " Extensions " & Collages.

His Photographs are conserved in various Institutions and private collections.

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